even if youre not in the roosterteeth fandom just watch this omg

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harry potter and the deathly hallows pt. 1 + color palette

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That’s all right honey, that’s all right with me

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hold on, baby, you’re losing it


A/N: I haven’t slept in like two days and I am sorry for this. 

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorders 

Pairing: Jeamus

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how are yall

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boys? you mean sex toys that are rude and don’t even vibrate? no thank u

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Gunther: Do you remember when you first came here, how you spent two weeks getting trained by another waitress?

Rachel: Oh, sure! Do you need me to train somebody new?

Gunther: (laughs) Good one.

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DESTROY the idea that all fictional characters are straight until proven otherwise

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do you ever forget that there are actual people who see everything you post

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